[MCR] SOUTH COAST Spearhead Traverse

Subject: [MCR] SOUTH COAST Spearhead Traverse
Date: Sun, 05 Apr 2015 09:23:37 -0700
I spent the last three days sking a lap through the Spearhead Traverse. Cool and moist conditions prevailed. We got approx 25cm of new storm snow. 
The route is in good shape. Excellent ski quality high on N aspects, other aspects are getting baked. 

The PWL seems to have gone dormant, but probably not gone away. We saw no signs of activity since the last cycle on April 1st. But, large loads like a cornice drops or smaller slabs might initiate it.
Yesterday morning there was limited slab avalanche activity in the recent storm snow to size 2 on steep N aspects.

A large slab broke out from under the top of Overlord Mt during the last avalanche cycle. The crown is 1-2m deep (150311 PWL). It is right on the traverse line in steep terrain. The bed surface is hard ice. Many groups traditionally leave there skins on for this pitch, but now its better to do this traversing pitch without skins so there is better ski edge control. So if your doing the traverse clockwise take the skins off at the rock tower.

Happy Easter skiing!

Dave Sarkany

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