Instructions for subscribing and posting to the Informalex

IMPORTANT: To subscribe to the Informalex you MUST be an ACMG member, and you MUST sign up using the address you have registered on the ACMG members website (click here). The ONLY exception is non-ACMG IFMGA members, who will be considered on an individual basis. All subscription requests which do not meet these criteria will be rejected without notice.

If you are NOT an ACMG member, please visit to sign up to receive the Mountain Conditions Report (MCR).

The Informalex is a mailing list designed for the exchange of information on conditions, routes, and other relevant issues between ACMG and IFMGA members. It is no longer divided into two lists as of Nov 2009. The Informalex is only viewed by members of these Associations and, as such, has fewer guidelines than the MCR.

The MCR is a public service offered by the ACMG. Members of the public and ACMG can access current mountain condition reports provided by ACMG members. Because it is in the public realm, posting guidelines are necessarily tighter.

Before participating in any of these mailing lists please make yourself familiar with the posting guidelines described in recent ACMG News issues, the ACMG's members' site (click here to view) and

Subscribing to the lists

You can subscribe to the Informalex here. To access and register with the new MCR system please visit

Posting to the lists

To post (send) to a mailing list you are subscribed to, just address your email message to the Informalex list:

You will not be able to post and will not receive Informalex posts until the moderator has approved your subscription. This may take up to a month, and you will receive notification by email when your subscription has been approved.

Unsubscribing or temporarily suspending delivery

Lots of people don't want the Informalex year around because they find it clutters their inbox. Your best bet is to set up an email filter to put Informalex posts into a separate folder. This way no clutter.

To completely UNSUBSCRIBE you can send an email to with the following subject line:


IF THIS DOES NOT WORK, please don't send me a testy note of complaint before you have made absolutely positive that you are sending this email from the exact email account that you used to sign up in the first place. So far this is always the underlying problem people have -- they send their unsubscribe note from their new gmail account that receives forwarded email from an old university account, etc.

If you do this you will need to re-subscribe when you want to get posts again.

To just TEMPORARILY SUSPEND DELIVERY without unsubscribing send an email to with the following subject line:

set delivery off

.... and when you want it again:

set delivery on

See for more useful email commands.

Changing your email address

Please see for information on changing your email address.

Questions? Contact the Moderator